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Businesses: What to consider as you create your first offer

Posted on September 9, 2019

Our platform gives you unparalleled flexibility in creating campaigns to acquire customers. Below are some things to think about as your create your first offer, and some guidance on how the platform is built to help deliver success.

What is my objective?

Depending on where your business is in its growth journey, the type of offer your select can help meet your objectives. Some examples for each offer type are included below:

  • Savings offer: If you are growing and want to get more customers to try your product or service, offering an upfront savings is an enticing way to get customers in the door.
  • Loyalty offer: If you want to improve the quality of your customer base, a loyalty offer can increase repeat business and keep good customers coming back for more.
  • Referral request: Maybe this isn’t the right time to offer a discount – no worries! A referral request incentivizes your Drummers to talk up your business and drive customers your way.

What makes my business different and special?

You’ve worked hard to define your brand, and we appreciate that entrusting your Drummers with this can feel daunting. In the “Notes for Drummers”, you can provide helpful information and links to inform Drummers about what makes you special to ensure that they are well equipped to communicate that to prospective customers.

Who is my target audience?

Looking for a specific audience? You can either guide your Drummers on who the right personas are that you want to find, or even tailor your offers to a particular zip code that covers your target market.

What is the right commission to set?

Drum gives you flexibility in setting whatever commission you want and changing it any time. However, Drummers will be more incentivized to promote your products if there is a higher commission. 

With this in mind, we typically encourage businesses to set a higher commission initially, and adjust this downwards as they see the redemptions come through. Remember, unlike most digital marketing tools, you are only paying a commission when you successfully acquire a new customer – so keep the “lifetime” value of a  typical customer to your business in mind when setting your commission. 

What is my budget?

Drum allows you to “cap” your total redemptions for a particular offer to fit your budget. You can set a maximum limit for the total number of redemptions or the total dollar amount that you want to spend for your campaign. This allows you to allocate your budget to different offers, and you can even test a few different types of offers to see what works best!

How do I get started?

Creating an offer is easy and takes just minutes! Simply follow the instructions included in the video link below:

Still have questions? Set up a conversations with one of our Offer Consultants at the link here.

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