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Drummers: The 10 Qualities of the Best Drummers

Posted on September 9, 2019

At Drum, we’re happy when our Drummers are happy. Drummers are the engine room of our platform, and we want to be your support staff as you find new opportunities to earn money, develop sales skills and build your brand.

As you begin your Drummer journey, here are some unique traits that set the best Drummers apart:

1. Knowledge about Drum

Drummers with substantial knowledge about our platform, the business, and the promotions have higher success rates. You should:

  • Know the business
  • Know the promotion
  • Know the Drum platform

Take the time to get to know who you’re representing. You will be more comfortable with the business and better able to explain its value confidently. A sale is more likely when a Drummer has the details their potential buyer needs. Research what companies inside of your space or other Drummers in your area are doing, too!

2. Organization

Drummers need to manage buyers, their schedules, and their modes of communication. Organization will help you keep track of your progress to better estimate your compensation. Only then can you spot unresolved issues or plans no longer relevant to your business. 

3. Social Observance

Socially-observant Drummers can connect with many different types of people! Be conscious of your potential buyer and your environment. Some helpful tips include:

  • Be mindful of your opinions and humor
  • Pay attention to subtle verbal, non-verbal, and behavioral cues
  • Give buyers time to think before signing on with Drum
  • Be aware of your tone to avoid being rude or pushy

4. Active Listening Skills

Before talking to your potential buyer about Drum, listen to what they are saying. 

Inquire about their concerns. This will encourage your buyer to drop their guard and genuinely open up to you. You will be more likely to address how your business will satisfy their needs.

5. Empathy

By listening to your buyer, you’re more likely to make a connection with them. Be sure to:

  • Identify with your buyer’s feelings and frustrations without necessarily agreeing with them
  • Demonstrate your legitimate interest in providing your promotion as a solution

6. Striving for Repeat Business

Drummers who make secure connections with their buyers open the door to future business. The lifetime value of a buyer’s trust is higher than that of a quick sale.

7. Curiosity

Drummers are curious and excited about Drum, the businesses they promote, and reaching new buyers. They are competitive by nature, measuring their skills against other Drummers around them.

8. A Goal-Oriented Mindset

Turn your motivation into action! First, get comfortable with working on a commission. 

Set goals within your own limits. Make them achievable with persistence and hard work. This drive will enable you to solve issues for buyers as quickly and efficiently as possible.

9. Persistence

A Drummers’ job doesn’t stop when one promotion is redeemed. Here are some essential ways of doing this:

  • If you can, follow up after a redemption to build an ongoing relationship with your buyer
  • Don’t give up on buyers who have said no in the past
  • Adapt to buyers’ schedules and preferences

But don’t force it! Let Buyers know it’s okay to say no. While you shouldn’t give up on Buyers who have said no in the past, know when it’s time to move on – and remember, don’t take rejection personally! It’s all part of the journey.

10. Passion

When you love what you are selling, it is easier for you to represent and sell. This will empower you to work for more than just a quota. 

Drum is a platform for representing the businesses you believe in! Be passionate about making a change in people’s lives by giving them promotions and access to new experiences. 

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