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Drummers: The Essential Guide to Drumming to Build Your Brand.

Posted on September 9, 2019

Inspired by the advice of social media influencer in sales and entrepreneurship Gary Vaynerchuk, let’s talk about how you can answer the question: Why should your buyer listen to you?

Start by filtering for what defines your personal brand. 

Flooded with new information, products, and possibilities, Drum gives you the ability to pick out businesses that reflect on your personality & interests. 

Start by thinking about products & services you enjoy and would use personally, and use that as inspiration for selecting businesses you want to Drum for. Though you should aim to choose a business that champions who you are, this may not always be possible at the very start of your Drumming. If this is the case, reach out to those businesses and encourage them to be a partner of yours in joining the platform!

When you Drum for products & services you would personally, understanding what makes them special and communicating their value proposition to your Buyers becomes that much easier!

Use your identity and personal story to bring your products to life.

Sales is about storytelling, and finding brands and businesses that resonate with your personal story helps bring these products and experiences to life for your Buyers. 

So whether it’s that great wedding venue that made your special day so incredible, or that project management tool that made you so much more productive at work, your stories will provide a vision for how what you’re Drumming for can positively impact the lives of others.

Use your personal Drum catalog to build your personal brand.

The businesses you are Drumming for will also reflect back on what is important to you – whether that is a passion for quality, advocacy for local businesses, or anything else, you can tailor your promotions to shine a light on what you love and value.

How can Drum help build your brand in-person?

Drum is a flexible, human-driven channel for exploring who you are. Drum empowers buyers to follow suit and build their own personal stories because they found value in yours.

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